Financial Plans:

See the Wealth and Beyond tab for a full description of our financial planning process.

Phase I – Designing the Plan

Financial planning coordinates your life goals and values with your finances. Financial planning gives you a clear picture of your current situation, where you are in relation to your goals and the path to work toward your desired future. This gives you the confidence that you can get there.

Flat fee for Phase I: The fee for a written financial plan, including retirement projections, tax planning, education planning, net worth breakdown and a comprehensive investment analysis ranges from $2,500 to $5,000. The fee will be quoted at the end of the initial interview depending upon the complexity of each individual situation.

Phase II – Implementing the Plan

Once your plan has been designed and agreed upon, there will be steps that need to be taken in order to implement the plan. Some of these may be things that you need to do and some of these may involve products such as investment management or insurance programs. You can hire us for this phase or follow your action plan to implement the next steps yourself.

Compensation for Investment Management: For investment management, there are several types of programs.

  • Mutual funds. Compensated through commissions ranging from 1% to 5¾% depending on the size of the investment.

  • Investment portfolios. Based on a percentage of assets under management, ranging from .5% to 2.5%.

All type of investment options are discussed with fee disclosures based on the size of the portfolio.

Phase III – Monitoring the Plan

For those who become clients of the firm, monitoring meetings are held quarterly, semi-annually or annually to ensure the plan stays on track.


The graphic lists our services. They can be utilized individually or packaged together.